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The Waylanders are coming

This GUADEC there will be a couple of sessions on Friday afternoon from 2pm about Wayland. I’ll be giving a presentation with a brief introduction to what Wayland is, what new features we’ve worked on in the last cycle as well as what’s planned for the next one. As this is GUADEC i’ll of course be covering how we’re doing with getting Wayland integrated into GNOME. There will also be a Wayland panel discussion where you can ask your tricky questions of myself, Owen Taylor, Robert Bragg and Kristian Høgsberg – to get things started i’ve got some already prepared!

And if that’s not enough Wayland for you, on Monday we’ll be BoF’ing between 10am and 2pm in room A218. It would be great to see you there.

Wayland & Weston 1.2.0 is out

The latest release of the Wayland protocol and support library along with the Weston compositor is now out. For the GNOME community this release is particularly interesting:

  • It is the first one to advertise a stable API for the implementation of compositors (libwayland-server) – which will prove useful with the porting of gnome-shell & mutter to Wayland
  • Two new protocol enhancements have been staged for inclusion: subsurfaces from Pekka Paalanen which will be the basis for implementing Clutter-GTK on Wayland and support for input methods from Jan Arne Petersen. These are not yet in the core of the Wayland protocol but will be moved there when the API has been proven.
  • HiDPI support – Alexander Larsson implemented this for Wayland and GTK+ too

At GUADEC i’ll be speaking about the current state of the Wayland project and plans going forward. If you have a particular topic or question you’d like me to cover please let me know in the comments.

Clutter & Cogl Wayland update

Lots of us over at Intel towers are working hard to bring you a great new Wayland powered experience.

Cogl and Clutter have now been updated to work with the latest Wayland master. You need to compile master Cogl with:

./configure --enable-wayland-egl-platform=yes --enable-gl

And then to run any applications using Cogl on Wayland you need to setup the environment variable COGL_RENDERER=egl_wayland then you can run cogl-crate!

For Clutter you need to compile Clutter master with:

./configure --enable-wayland-backend

You also need to set an environment variable to choose the Clutter backend too – in this case it’s CLUTTER_BACKEND=wayland (and you need to set COGL_RENDERER too) then you can run test-actors!

Or just look at the video below 🙂

Direct Vimeo link!

A big kudos needs to go to Robert Bragg, Neil Roberts and Emmanuele Bassi for helping make this happen.

The Clutter client side support is basically complete so i’ve now moved onto working on GTK and MX – watch this space for updates!