Monthly Archives: December 2011

Clutter & Cogl Wayland update

Lots of us over at Intel towers are working hard to bring you a great new Wayland powered experience.

Cogl and Clutter have now been updated to work with the latest Wayland master. You need to compile master Cogl with:

./configure --enable-wayland-egl-platform=yes --enable-gl

And then to run any applications using Cogl on Wayland you need to setup the environment variable COGL_RENDERER=egl_wayland then you can run cogl-crate!

For Clutter you need to compile Clutter master with:

./configure --enable-wayland-backend

You also need to set an environment variable to choose the Clutter backend too – in this case it’s CLUTTER_BACKEND=wayland (and you need to set COGL_RENDERER too) then you can run test-actors!

Or just look at the video below 🙂

Direct Vimeo link!

A big kudos needs to go to Robert Bragg, Neil Roberts and Emmanuele Bassi for helping make this happen.

The Clutter client side support is basically complete so i’ve now moved onto working on GTK and MX – watch this space for updates!