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Howdy, i’m sure most people are aware of the recent release of Moblin 2.0; a user experience for netbooks. I’m going to write a few blog posts about how the Moblin user experience is built on the awesome technologies in the GNOME platform.

So first up, let’s look at the Myzone, we’re starting here since this is the first thing I really worked on in the Moblin UX and i’ve been able to see it through from early ideas to the 2.0 and 2.1 releases.

So, deep breath, the idea behind the Myzone is to provide a springboard to things that matter to you most: your recent files and web pages you’ve visited, your upcoming events and things you need to do, things that are happening on social web services and your favourite applications.

Now then, that’s the theory, how does it work:

  • Recent files: Recent file information is pulled from the GtkRecentManager and the thumbnails are pulled from the XDG thumbnail specification directory. Metadata for the file comes courtesy of gio which I presume comes from shared-mime-info. Yay. By using the GtkRecentManager for all our recent activity metadata across the platform we’re allowing legacy GNOME applications to just work. Sweet.
  • Events and tasks: These are pulled from EDS using libjana, a calendaring library primarily developed by Chris Lord (of Dates fame.) A couple of months back (well, uh, March) I enhanced libjana to support tasks and thus we are able reuse the existing Tasks/Dates apps for interacting with the calendar.
  • Favourite apps: Here I let the side down. I use some quite crazy custom format for doing this which frankly stinks. I’m going to try and sit down with the GNOME shell guys to see if we can come up with some better way for dealing with user originated application metadata.
  • Social networking/web service integration: This comes courtesy of Mojito and librest, two projects that I and the esteemed Ross Burton have been working on. Mojito is a project that pulls in content from a variety web services into a centralised place, abstracting some of the complexity and the makes it trivial to query. librest is a library for to keep developers happy even though they’re having to deal with web services. It does this by making requests and parsing the result simple.

2 thoughts on “GNOME in Moblin: Myzone

  1. Chris Lord

    Thanks for the mention! I’m guessing the person listening to Billy Talent in your info on the right is me too 🙂 MyZone rocks – my favourite part of Moblin (other than the browser of course ;))

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