Moblin talks this week at GCDS

I hope everyone is enjoying the ice cream! So this week there are going to be some talks by me and my colleagues at the summit.

11:30 on Sunday, Joshua Lock will be talking about ConnMan and the lesson’s that he’s learnt from building the Moblin UI for it. This talk will take place in Room 3, “Palacio de la música”. ConnMan: New Connection Manager

5pm on Sunday, I will be talking about Mojito and librest; social web service integration for the GNOME/Moblin stack. This talk will take place in the “Gran Canaria” room. Sipping Mojitos and thinking RESTful thoughts

5:45pm on Sunday, our glorious Emmanuele Bassi will be giving five short lightening talks on various aspects of the Clutter library. This talk will be in the “Cámara” room. State of Clutter

10am on Monday, Patrick Ohly, author of SyncEvolution will be talking about synchonisation in the “Gran Canaria” room. Synchronization: From the SyncML Protocol to Free and Open Implementations

11am on Tueday, Chris Lord, animations guru, will be showing off his Clutter animations skills in the “Cámara” room. Building complex UI animations in Clutter 1.0

And last but not least, at 12pm on Wednesday, our very emminet use experience designer Nick Richards will be taking to the state to talk about the Moblin Netbook UI. Designing Moblin-Netbook. A free desktop on a 7-10″ Screen

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