Patchsquad BOF [Updated]

Since Kristian’s excellent GTK State of the Union talk was today his slot is now available for a Patchsquad BOF. So that’s tomorrow at 11am. Thanks Behdad for allowing us to grab this.

A little background on the idea of a Patchsquad: Primarily the idea is to reduce the workload of maintainers by commenting, not reviewing, patches that are waiting in Bugzilla. This may include testing, checking for obvious issues and gentle pestering of maintainers. Lucas held a BOF last year to introduce the idea that was well attended and a lot said but interest seems to have twindled. Myself and Diego want to try reinvigorate the idea!

Update: Whoops! Looks like we haven’t got that slot afterall. If you’re interested in the Patchsquad pleas some along and speak to either Diego or myself.

1 thought on “Patchsquad BOF [Updated]

  1. Luis Medinas


    I’m in too… i’ve got to review the draft on and make the mailing list going usually me, Lucas and Ken Van Dine meet at #patchsquad on gimpnet. Let’s make this going on.


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