5 thoughts on “Half a million

  1. Luis Villa

    Would love to see those numbers, sans bug-buddy entries. I’d guess that the vast, vast majority of the difference is that their stack trace handler doesn’t automatically send stack traces to their bugzilla.

  2. Dave Malcolm

    IIRC there’s a gap in the upper regions of the 200000-299999 range, due to the import from the Ximian bug database, so the ID is not a strict “count”.

  3. robster


    My comparison is intended to be moderately tongue in cheek. Personally I think that’s it’s quite good that bug buddy traces go into Bugzilla because a maintainer can get a good view of issues in their projects. I’m very interested in Olav’s work to queue the crashers somewhere else (i.e. crash.gnome.org) and then push them to Bugzilla.

    That said, in the status quo, most of the duplicates get identified pretty quickly, it’s certainly an easier prospect to go triaging than when I first started in 2001.


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