Up (very) late

You know you are up late when you hear Sailing By on the radio.

I’ve just made a new release of Dates, including a build for the 770. If you want to try this out then you need to add the OpenedHand repository to your application catalogue:

Web address: http://maemo.o-hand.com/packages
Distribution: gregale/

Note that these are built for the latest release of OS2006 (gregale/2.2). They may work on earlier OS2006 releases.

8 thoughts on “Up (very) late

  1. no one in particular

    You’re crazy if you think I’m getting up at 7:30am to celebrate your birthday. I believe we have a scheduling conflict.

  2. Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri

    Hi Rob,

    Thanks for this app! I really miss things like this from my old Palm Vx… however I’d urge you to speed up common task of adding an event in current view schedule, doing as few as possible.
    While I was Palm user I could register an alarm for today (my default view, which show from 8am to 8pm) just by type the name in the time line I want (9am, for example).
    I know maemo have some drawbacks, like no button to direct access dates or the worse handwrite recognition ever, but you still can help out by defining default alarm time (ie: 15min before), auto save and things like that… in your current view I’d like something like tap (or tap hold or double tap) the time slot and just type the name.

    As for my last note, you should avoid requesting people to enter repositories by hand, you can use “.install” files (ini-like, check maemo developer tutorial, works for mistral, gregale and bora)… also register your software are:
    http://downloads.maemo.org/product/dates (it’s already registered, just need to update)

    Again, thanks!

  3. robster

    @Eugenia: Yeh, I have a sly Tasks port sitting on my hard drive. Hopefully should have something releasable in a few days.

    @Gustavo: I was hoping to solicit a little bit more testing (from Planet GNOMErs) before updating the .install file.

  4. Nick

    Hi Rob,

    Thanks for the update, no problems so far 🙂

    QU: I’m trying to sync my dates calendar with syncevolution, do you think this error message is a problem with the evolution back end that comes with dates or a problem with syncevolution its self?

    [ERROR] - calendar: reading all items: Message did not recieve a reply (timeout by message bus)

    Thanks v.much,


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