Profiling made pretty

On Ross’s blog he talks about “a project [that] is even more interesting for the geeks out there”. I’m pleased to disclose that said project is OProfileUI a graphical user interface for the OProfile system profiler. Hopefully this should help the amazing performance wizards do their thing. I also hope that this will lower the barrier to entry, profiling and performance improvements are often seen as a bit of a black art but it can be a good way for new contributors to explore the stack.

This was my first project at OpenedHand and so i’m really pleased to see it released and available for other people to try (and improve.)

Oh and it has a cool icon (thanks Andreas.)

6 thoughts on “Profiling made pretty

  1. Christoph Brill

    NO more ugly QT3 frontend. No more usability errors. Just the joy of sysprof-like usage. Thanks!

  2. Christoph Brill

    BTW: which version of oprofile is required to run it? Running it got me this “exception” on the serverside which “locked up” the client.

    oparchive: –list-files: unknown option

  3. robster

    Christopher, if you take a look at the README it will explain where to get the patches you need. There are also upto date packages for at least feisty at If you have any more problems you can drop me an email at the address on that web page.


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