Dates 0.4 Released!

(Rapidly followed by 0.4.1)

I’m very pleased to announce that Dates 0.4 has been released to the world, this release includes support for multiple local and remote calendars (including read-only access to Google Calendar.) It is available in three stunning flavours all guaranteed to be buzzing with energy but 100% fat free.

N800 owners can use the Application Manager to install dates by using this install link.

Packages for Debian/Ubuntu are being built now. Hopefully we should be able to get packages built for the Nokia 770 soon.

Dates also has a cool new icon, courtesy of Andreas Nilsson. Andreas has also designed icons for the other components of, as well as the website for, the Pimlico Project which launches today. Pimlico is the umbrella project for all the OpenedHand PIM applications; Dates, Contacts, Tasks and Sync.

10 thoughts on “Dates 0.4 Released!

  1. Martin

    “Pimlico”? Wouldn’t that be too easily confused with the company that makes the Palm DateBk application?

  2. ken

    Ver’ nice!

    Next time I install GNOME, I’m going to skip Evolution and use Dates, Contacts, Tasks, and Tinymail. I like fat free apps.

  3. Max Beauchez

    I dunno, they look kinda ‘different’ from the Tango ones. The ones posted on your blog look better though, might be just me.


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