Google Calendar using Dates on the N800

I’ve been spending some time working on Dates recently. One of the new features currently available in trunk is support for creating a new calendar, including using a remote source for said calendar.

8 thoughts on “Google Calendar using Dates on the N800

  1. h4writer

    hi, thanks for sharing the information. Just installed the version and I like it. Only I think it takes to much place. Maybe set the different appointments beneath eachother, like google calendar. I think the layout of google calendar is more intuitif…
    But I think it is really great you can now use google calendar :-).

  2. Martin Sevior

    This looks really interesting. Can “Dates” read my current local evolution calendar?
    Can it upload those to a google calendar?

    Sorry for the dumb questions, but this app could be just what I’ve wanted for a year or more.

  3. Jeremy

    GCal support is awesome. I’d love to have a fast alternative to Evolution that uses EDS and syncs with GCal. I’m hoping the GTK/Gnome version of Dates is as nice and polished as the N800 version.

  4. Riccardo

    Another dumb question; what configuration should I use to access my google calendar? Which URL or address is the corresponding one for Data to be able to use?


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