Flapjack weekend

On Friday night I followed up on Matthew’s ITP and attended his and Daf’s party. This was the first time I had seen the OLPC prototypes and woah, they’re pretty small :-). Daf and I decided to make flapjack which went down really well.

On Sunday^WSaturday Daniel, Rob (Kendrick) and Lesley came over to Cambridge and we went to the Free Press for lunch with Rob (McQueen) and Daf and two of my friends from college. That was followed by more flapjack and very tasty coffee at the Collabora office.

At popular request (ONE!) the recipe for my flapjack is:

Melt 125g of butter with 150g of dark brown sugar and two tablespoons of oozy golden syrup over a low heat. Stir it. When melted add two teaspoons of ground ginger and remove from the heat. Add 200g of porridge oats (for a more crumbly less toffee flapjack use 250g). Stir in a handful raisins (or sultanas, or both). Dollop into a greased baking tin (use the wrapper from the butter) and bake for around 20 minutes at 180°C. Score whilst still warm to ensure that it can be broken.

1 thought on “Flapjack weekend

  1. MJR/slef

    I think honey tastes *much* better than syrup (and try some of the exotic ones for interesting variety of flavour) and ‘Pure’-brand sunflower margarine works well enough if you’re advised against butter. For other variations, try a bucket of cinnamon instead of the ginger, oat bran instead of some of the oats for a smoother flapjack and other fruit/nut additions such as apricots and almonds or cashews.


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