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Today I started reading High Fidelity and am having trouble putting it down. So far I have read three other of Hornby’s novels: About a Boy, How to Be Good and A Long Way Down (in that order). And to be honest after the insightful intrigue of the former I found the other two lacking in anything of any interest. A Long Way Down was massively predictable and a tad morbidly bland and How to Be Good failed to say anything interesting, at all. Ever.

A couple of weekends ago I was visited by some close friends from Cambridge, Steve and Noirin, and we did the usual Berlin things. Sunday Frühstück, shopping, eating ice cream and a helluvalot of walking. We did however see Thankyou For Smoking at the Original Version cinema at the Sony Center. It was witty and clever and all the things a good film should be. Noirin commented afterwards that in the whole film that you don’t see anybody smoking in the whole thing. I’m looking forward to Starter for Ten. I doubt anyone outside the UK will really grok a film about a cult television series (if Countdown is cult, University Challenge must be up there with the Today Programme.)

(Pardon the cheesy pun on the name of a chain of book shops long since subsumed into the now ubiquitous Borders.)

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  1. robster

    I’m not quite sure what a film about Countdown would be about. Perhaps a thriller in which Carol Vorderman only has 24 hours to prevent a group of terrorists from removing all the vowels in the language. It could be called “Cntdwn”. Hhhm. Maybe not 🙂


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