Lots of laughs (and not so many)

This weekend was quite a social razzmatazz. On Saturday night myself and two of the other interns I share an office with went to see the Laugh Olympics (they don’t appear to have a website) an English speaking improvisation show. In which the “Eastside” compete against their “Westside” counterparts in a series of improvisation sketches. The referee seeks various suggestions from the audience that are then incorporated into the act, all vaguely reminiscent of Radio 4 panel games. It was a fantastic experience (and very good value too, just €5), I intend to insist on taking everyone who comes to visit me to see it. It is on every Saturday, 9pm just off Rosenthaler Str. Full details can be found in the July edition of New Berlin Magazine.

On Sunday we went to see Pirates of the Carribean at the Sony Center at Potsdamer Platz. It was rubbish. Don’t bother. It was just a setup for the third movie, very Matrixesque. After the film I cheered myself up by eating a Teutonic Döner, much much nicer than the British variety. And much much cheaper too (€1.30-€2.80).

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