Since Vincent Untz cornered me at GUADEC and asked me to co-maintain Pessulus i’ve spent most of my (GNOME) time trying to get new lockdown keys added to various parts of the GNOME desktop. So far this includes the theme switcher (#346041) and the background capplet (#348435).

I’m still undecided whether we should use the writability of a gconf key to determine its lockdown ability or use explicit lockdown keys (this is what we do now). I personally prefer the latter since most of the features we currently offer the ability to lockdown are pretty general and can cover several keys (e.g. one lockdown key for the theme whereas it is actually controlled by three).

At some point in the near future I will be branching the CVS tree to work on my patch that adds support for plugins. This should make the maintenance of the code easier and allow packages/distributors to drop in 3rd party modules.

Another aim that I have is to work out how to remove Sabayon’s embedded copy of Pessulus and instead have it invoke a generic version instead.

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